CLAIM: Jessica Simpson “Starving” Herself For Wedding

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By Michael Lewittes


The tabloids seem to have a really big problem with the fact that Jessica Simpson is getting married. Since her engagement to Eric Johnson in November, the mags have repeatedly tried (and failed) to put a damper on her big day, and Star magazine continues the tired trend this week, claiming Simpson is “downright miserable” trying to lose weight for the nuptials.

A so-called “friend” of the pop singer says, “Jess is freaking out over her figure… She’s been working out two hours a day, six days a week… She’s constantly in a bad mood, nearly starving on a 1,500-calorie-a-day diet.” Simpson herself supposedly “even admits she’s absolutely miserable instead of filled with happiness and excitement,” claims the alleged “pal.”

Actually, it’s just the opposite. As Gossip Cop has told you time and time again, Simpson is happy and excited about her wedding, and no amount of tabloid nonsense can change that fact.

A rep for the “Irresistible” singer assures Gossip Cop she’s NOT “miserable” or “starving herself,” and that she’s in great spirits preparing for the wedding. It’s really time for the facts-starved tabs to give it a rest and to stop this body-shaming nonsense.

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