Jessica Simpson Has Sex Swing?!

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Jessica Simpson Sex Swing

By Shari Weiss


Jessica Simpson Sex Swing

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Jessica Simpson has NOT installed an “x-rated swing” in her bedroom, despite a report from the imaginative writers at the National Enquirer. Gossip Cop can correct this ridiculousness exclusively.

According to the supermarket tabloid, Simpson made her husband Eric Johnson “a very happy man this holiday season” when she gave him the “unforgettable gift” of a sex swing “mounted over the bed.” A so-called source alleges to the Enquirer, “He got the surprise of his life when he came home and there she was, swinging back and forth, in a tiny negligee and no underwear.”

The Enquirer snitch goes on about how Johnson is “in awe” of his famous wife, and notes that they both have “enormous sex drives.” Of course, this is the same magazine that repeatedly claimed over the last several years, and most recently in April, that Simpson and Johnson were on the verge of calling off their wedding. As Gossip Cop reported, they happily married in July.

Now the Enquirer wants its readers to believe that its “source” was rather awkwardly in the bedroom at the time of this very private sex swing surprise, or that Simpson and Johnson kissed and told all about their very private time. Neither is true, as this story is completely made up. A source close to the couple laughed off the Enquirer story to Gossip Cop, telling us that while it’s amusing, it’s also one hundred percent untrue.

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