MAG: Jessica Simpson Has Rash Due to Stress, Is “Cracking Under The Pressure”

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By Daniel Gates

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Jessica Simpson had a “large, painful-looking rash” across her chest at an event in New York on December 3, claims Star, because she’s allegedly “cracking under the pressure of being a celebrity mom and mogul.”

According to a so-called “source” for the magazine, “Jessica is going through a really hard time right now — she is totally stressed out, and it’s materialized on her skin.” “She is desperately trying to lose weight, and it isn’t happening as fast as she wants,” explains the Star insider. The tab’s source says that Simpson has been trying to cut out carbs, “but when she gets stressed out, she cheats.” There are also issues beyond food, says Star.

“She has a lot going on. Jessica has many people depending on her, and that is an awful lot of responsibility,” the tipster tells the magazine. “She is the main breadwinner in her family, and in addition to now caring for two young kids, she has a huge house in Hidden Hills, Calif., that she oversees. Her job on the TV show Fashion Star is over, and although her fashion line is still selling, she worries that it’s not doing as well as it used to.” Wow, what a natural-sounding quote! And there’s more!

“The friend says that fighting within her family is another stressor” for Simpson, says Star, which claims that the fighting between her mom Tina and dad Joe has “caused a lot of tension.” Then there’s the supposed pressure to “hurry up and marry” fiance Eric Johnson, and caring for little children Maxwell and Ace, which leaves “little time for anything else.” “She feels like she never has time for herself. She adores her babies, but they are very demanding at that age,” the “pal” tells Star. “What she needs is a vacation on a deserted island all alone, but there’s definitely no time for that!”

Even if Star didn’t have such a dreadful track record of misreporting story after story about Simpson, getting stories totally wrong, and obsessing over her weight, we’d be skeptical of this story. Then we learned the “rash” photo is enhanced. Above is a picture of Simpson from the same red carpet, and while it’s true that her skin is a bit flush, it looks nothing like the bright-red, splotchy rash in the image Star uses. A source close to Simpson believes the Star “rash” picture is “doctored,” and assures us that the notion Simpson is “cracking” under pressure is totally false.

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