Jessica Simpson Suffers “Terrifying Miscarriage Scare,” Says Reckless Tab

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By Michael Lewittes

Jessica Simpson

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Jessica Simpsons fun-filled Hawaiian vacation turned into a nightmare for the mom-to-be when she suffered a terrifying miscarriage scare,” begins a breathless piece from the National Enquirer. The supermarket tabloid claims the “Fashion Star” judge “overexerted herself during the getaway and collapsed with excruciated abdominal pain.” Gossip Cop can exclusively report it’s not true at all.

According to a so-called “source” for the tabloid, after a “long, exhausting walk along the beach,” Simpson allegedly “let out a bloodcurdling scream, doubled over in pain and collapsed on a nearby bed. The magazine’s purported “insider” says, “She was crying uncontrollably and really feared she was losing the baby.” Eventually, claims the tabloid, “Jessica worked through the pain,” and “felt well enough to continue with the vacation.”

The tabloid goes on to allege that Simpson immediately visited her doctor in L.A. after the trip, and was told “her pain had been caused by a severe bout of morning sickness coupled with normal pregnancy cramping.” “Now, Jessica and Eric are trying to put the frightening episode behind them,” conveniently notes the magazine.

Gossip Cop investigated, and none of this ever happened. Well, we also found that the Enquirer ran a strikingly similar “miscarriage scare” story when Simpson was pregnant with her first child. Like that previous disgusting tale, this report is 100% false. A Simpson insider tells Gossip Cop that magazine’s story is totally made up, and that the star has been feeling “great.”

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National Enquirer

Jessica Simpson has suffered a miscarriage scare.

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