Jessica Simpson Does NOT Get “$1 Million Makeover” Each Year, Despite Report

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Jessica Simpson Makeover

By Shari Weiss

Jessica Simpson Makeover

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Jessica Simpson does NOT spend “a million dollars every year to look beautiful,” despite a ridiculous new claim. The outlandish story comes from the National Enquirer, an outlet not exactly known for accurate Simpson reporting.

In its new issue, the supermarket tabloid breaks down all the supposed costs of Simpson’s alleged beauty regimen, such as $1,000 spent weekly on eyelash extensions, $4,500 per week on a personal trainer, and $2,000 each month for cellulite-zapping laser treatments. Then, claims the Enquirer, there’s also $50,000 yearly for “bust enhancements,” including “breast enlargement cream” to put on her chest twice a day, and twice-weekly chest massages. The mag also alleges that each year Simpson spends $100,000 each for spa treatments and body sculpting. And, says the Enquirer, for $230,000 a year Simpson supposedly has an “on-call hairstyling team,” in addition to spending another $50,000 for a fashion stylist and $200,000 for her wardrobe.

The Enquirer goes on, “Those figures don’t even include what she reportedly spent on plastic surgery to plump her pout after her recent post-baby weight loss.” The tab quotes a plastic surgeon who has NEVER treated Simpson, let alone met her, speculating about her supposed makeover. And a so-called Enquirer “source” further shares, “Jessica spares no expense when it comes to pampering herself, and her hubby, Eric Johnson, loves the result!” Um, no real “source” close to Simpson would use her husband’s full name in a sentence.

It’s just one of many signs that the Enquirer has run a turkey of a story on this Thanksgiving week, as if its past articles falsely claiming Simpson was having liposuction, using laxative juices, and racing Vanessa Minnillo to lose baby weight weren’t flashing red signs, too. The magazine, as it has before, simply just wanted to use crazy numbers that added up to $1 million so it could run a sensational headline about Simpson’s gorgeous looks.

It’s far from respectable, but most importantly, the story is just plain incorrect. A source close to Simpson tells Gossip Cop that the Enquirer‘s allegations are “so wrong and untrue.”

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