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Perez+Jessica Simpson = wrong

Truth rating: 0

By Michael Lewittes


In addition to his stories being old and inaccurate, what’s really striking about Perez Hilton is his ability to get so much wrong with so few words.

Today, in a 75-word item about Jessica Simpson and Jeremy Renner, Perez claims that after their “fling,” Simpson “went over to see him and the visit ended up being pretty ‘awkward’ considering he had already moved on with another woman!”

Uh, Gossip Cop debunked that story a couple of days ago when a source close to Simpson assured us that alleged incident “never happened.”

But wait, it gets worse.

Perez then snipes that Simpson has moved on “with Eric Johnson — even if he is using her for the ca$$$h!”

Uh, we busted that rumor earlier today after a Simpson insider told us the “user” claims were false, and the actress/singer is a “savvy woman and knows who to trust and who not to, and so far Eric’s been a good guy.”

Number of words in Perez’s story: 75

Number of errors: 2

Numbers of laughs at his expense: Endless

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