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Star: Jessica Simpson “Stole” Eric Johnson From His Wife

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By Daniel Gates


Star magazine has enjoyed writing fiction about Jessica Simpson for a long, long time, so this week’s cover story isn’t necessarily a shock.

According to the tab, Simpson’s a “homewrecker” who “stole” fiance Eric Johnson away from his wife.

A so-called “friend” tells Star the former NFL player’s ex, Keri Johnson, had only recently agreed to “take a break” from their marriage when Simpson and Eric Johnson “locked eyes” for the first time.

“It’s really difficult for anyone close to Keri to see Jessica as anything but a man-stealer!” declares the Star source, who describes Simpson’s pursuit of Johnson as “a cold, hard slap in the face.”

Star claims Simpson met Johnson – and his wife – when he was invited to a party at her house through mutual acquaintances in 2009. Shortly thereafter, the Johnsons “decided to spend some time apart,” and it “wasn’t long before Jessica was making moves on Eric.”

Of course, the only place any of this actually happened was in Star‘s fevered imagination.

Keri Johnson filed for divorce in January 2010.

Simpson met Eric Johnson after that, in spring 2010 at her home, a source close to the singer tells Gossip Cop. And Simpson has never met Keri Johnson, despite Star‘s version of events.

To sum up the tabloid’s allegations about Simpson stealing Johnson, our source flatly says, “Not true.”

Over the course of Star‘s spotty track record with Simpson, we’ve heard that phrase a lot.

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