OK! Body Shames Jessica Simpson, Slams Star For Looking “Unfeminine”

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Jessica Simpson Workout Routine

By Shari Weiss


Jessica Simpson Workout Routine


“The wedding may be over and the pregnancy pounds long gone, but when it comes to slimming down — or buffing up — Jessica Simpson is showing no signs of slowing down,” claims OK!. The magazine writes that “while the singer-turned-entrepreneur should be applauded for reaching her goal weight, friends are starting to worry that she’s taking her workouts too far.”

“Jess spends hours in the gym with a trainer and on her own,” alleges an “insider” for OK!. “It’s like she’s training for the Olympics.” To support the tabloid’s claim that Simpson is “turning her healthy approach to dieting into a fitness obsession,” its source babbles on about Simpson’s alleged twice-a-day routines, criticizing the star for having “such broad shoulders, with a tiny waist and enormous legs,” making her body “look unfeminine.”

OK! even goes as far as to quote a “celebrity beauty and lifestyle expert” — who has never worked with Simpson — as saying the singer is becoming “overly muscular,” and “needs to cut back on the heavy lifting before she resembles a body builder.” And husband Eric Johnson allegedly isn’t happy with Simpson’s new look either, according to the outlet, which claims the one-time NFL player is “trying to coax Jess out of her extreme workouts.”

“As a joke, he even told Jess that if he wanted to go out with a running back, he would’ve been with someone from his football team,” says the mag’s source. OK! then adds mean-spiritedly, “Given her current shape, Jess doesn’t look like the type of wife even an athlete would want to mess with.” Wow.

Here’s what’s really going on. Simpson has been flaunting her fit bod on Instagram (see photo above), and the truth is, she just can’t win. The magazines call her out no matter what size or shape she is, repeatedly body shaming the star to fit whatever story they want to tell. It’s not about Simpson. It’s about the image-obsessed tabloids.

And, of course, OK! is the same outlet that falsely claimed in June that Simpson was pregnant with her third child, and just last week ridiculously alleged she was “replacing her food with alcohol.” Of course, neither of those totally wrong reports is mentioned now by the tabloid. Regardless, a source close to Simpson tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the latest OK! story is “not true.”

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