Jessica Simpson Firing Dad Joe As Manager But Still Paying Him, Claims Mag

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By Daniel Gates


The National Enquirer claims Jessica Simpson is so “desperate” to “dump” dad Joe as her manager, she’s “willing to keep paying his 15 percent commission — if he’ll just go away!”

“Jessica isn’t even speaking to her dad right now — she’s firmly on mom Tina’s side in their divorce,” a “close friend” tells the tabloid. “And she now believes that her father’s wild Hollywood lifestyle hurt her in the business.”

How so? The Enquirer source explains, “Jessica’s acting career never took off, her once-hot singing career has hit the skids — and she believes it’s all because Joe took his eye off the ball, wanting to be the life of the party more than a serious manager.”

What’s interesting is how the magazine conveniently ignores the fact that Simpson turned her focus from movies and music to fashion and business years ago, becoming an enormous entrepreneurial success and lining up gigs including “Fashion Star.” Instead, the tabloid just quotes the supposed “friend” as saying Simpson “wants her career back, thinks she can do better than her father, and — to avoid a nasty legal battle — she’ll extricate herself from Joe’s management, but continue to pay him the 15 percent to keep the peace and move on without him!”

This is just as ludicrous as it sounds. It looks like the Enquirer’s insiders have provided the tabloid with yet another inaccurate Simpson story. A source close to the star tells Gossip Cop the latest report is “totally false.”

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