Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson Fighting About Her Dad Joe?

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By Daniel Gates


Jessica Simpson and her fiance Eric Johnson spent much of their recent Hawaiian getaway fighting over her treatment of her father Joe,” claims RadarOnline, which has spent much of its time waging a misguided campaign against Simpson and her family. According to the webloid, the singer-turned-fashion designer “wants nothing to do with Joe” following his split from her mom Tina.

But Johnson supposedly thinks Joe is “being treated unfairly by his family,” says the site, “causing considerable friction between him and Jessica.” “Jessica and Eric were constantly arguing about Joe during their stay in Hawaii,” a so-called “source” tells RadarOnline. The outlet’s tipster continues, “It’s something they can’t see eye-to-eye on, and it really spoiled the trip for a lot of family members who felt uncomfortable in their presence.” Uh-huh.

Oh, where to begin. First of all, as we’ve pointed out, RadarOnline has been publishing inaccurate stories about the Simpsons for weeks, trying to stir up controversy in place of solid journalism. We also find it interesting that RadarOnline falsely reported that Simpson and Johnson were planning a secret wedding in Hawaii over the holidays, a prediction that turned out to be 100 percent wrong. That bogus speculation is conveniently not mentioned in the new story about the vacation.

Meanwhile, RadarOnline described Simpson and her father as having a “happy reunion” at CaCee Cobb’s December wedding to Donald Faison — only to flip-flop on that reporting with this latest piece. Plus, Joe was with his daughter and Johnson in Hawaii — no fighting, and no estrangement.

In other words, Friday’s report is just another inaccurate RadarOnline story that wrongly portrays Simpson’s relationship with both her father and her fiancé. It’s simply not true. A source close to the family tells Gossip Cop they “all got along GREAT on the trip,” telling us the report is totally wrong.

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