Jessica Simpson in Alleged “Wedding Panic,” Says Tab

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By Daniel Gates


Star magazine once weirdly (and wrongly) linked Jessica Simpson and Tiger Woods, so it’s no surprise when the tabloid comes up with other lame rumors about the singer.

This week, the magazine wants us to believe that Simpson is “far from a blissful bride-to-be” in terms of her upcoming marriage to Eric Johnson. “Jessica is falling apart and doesn’t know what to do about it,” claims a Star “insider.”

What’s the issue? Well, the magazine seems to have a hard time deciding what’s behind this so-called “wedding panic.” There are some vague references to Simpson getting cold feet because she is “determined not to be a two-time divorcée” and “hears others suspect that her fiancé’s intentions are not honorable.”

But Star also wonders if she is “just stalling as she tries to hide her big secret” – that she’s allegedly expecting a baby. “She is remaining extremely tight-lipped, but everyone around her is buzzing that she may already be pregnant!” exclaims a so-called “source.” Uh-huh.

The sound that Star‘s source hears is probably just the loud buzzer that goes off every time Gossip Cop busts another one of the magazine’s ridiculous slams on Simpson. A source close to Simpson tells us the alleged wedding panic is “all not true,” pointing out that previous tales of trouble with Simpson and Johnson (and reports of pregnancy) have all been proven false.

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