Jessica Simpson Having ‘Baby Meltdown’?

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By Daniel Gates


The clueless cover story sensationalists over at OK! magazine have another doozy about Jessica Simpson this week. Having already pretended to have a scoop about the star giving birth weeks before it actually happened, OK! now sets about tearing down Simpson, declaring that she’s in the midst of a “Baby Meltdown.”

What’s this all about? According to the tabloid, Simpson “may be cracking under the intense pressure to get back to work as quickly as possible” and fighting with fiancé Eric Johnson over her decision to prioritize her career and “Fashion Star” over settling down.

A so-called “family insider” tells OK!, “Eric has pretty much demanded that she give up the show. He just sees it as too much stress for her.” Simpson is “exhausted and understandably emotional,” explains a different source for the mag, which claims “her feelings are so jumbled that she is having second thoughts on marrying Eric.”

OK! says there’s now tension between Johnson and Jessica’s father Joe over what direction the new mom should take with her life, and “poor Jessica finds herself in the middle, torn between her career and her love for her new baby, and between Eric and her father.” A “confidant” says, “Her biggest panic is that she’s going to lose everything: her looks, her career, and that she’s going to be a bad mother on top of it!” Wow, that’s a lot of “panic.”

Of course, like many things OK! writes, it’s also exaggerated alarmism that bears little resemblance to reality. Simpson had the baby only a week ago. Yet the tabloid can’t wait to spout off about a “meltdown” and chaos, despite Simpson’s obvious bliss.

A source close to Simpson tells Gossip Cop, “Jessica and Eric are happier than ever” and that the arrival of little Maxwell has only “deepened their love.” OK! is just melting down once again.

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