Tab Creates Jessica Simpson “Baby Crisis”

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By Daniel Gates


Of all the shameful things tabloids write – and it’s a long list – maybe nothing is as bad as fabricating danger to babies and children. That’s exactly what OK! does this week.

The magazine’s cover story is all about Jessica Simpson‘s alleged “baby crisis,” including her “doctor’s shocking warning.” According to OK!, “medical fears and emotional turmoil are spoiling what should be the happiest time” of Simpson’s life.

Wow, so what’s supposedly wrong? The tab quotes a “friend” as saying Simpson has been “dizzy and nauseous” during her pregnancy, while an OK! “insider” contends, “She was totally unprepared for how hard it would be on her body.”

So… she has morning sickness? What about the “crisis” that supposedly “could threaten her health – and her child”? Well, the magazine claims Simpson’s been eating junk food. “Everything she eats is highly processed with chemicals and preservatives, white flour and sugar,” alleges the “insider,” who adds that Simpson’s sister, Ashlee, and her doctor have both advised her to eat more healthfully. So… she has cravings?

The OK! article gets even more ridiculous from there, mentioning that “everything on [Simpson] is swollen,” and that she’s “also sleep-deprived.” In other words, OK! describes the typical experience of pregnancy and sensationalizes it as a medical emergency “baby crisis.”

Because the tabloid has nothing, it then discusses the “emotional angst” coming from Simpson’s purported “bitter conflict” with beau Eric Johnson over a prenup. “Jessica said she was starting to think they’d never work it out,” explains a “source.” On the financial stuff, OK! was wrong two weeks ago, and the tab is still wrong.

A source close to Simpson again tells Gossip Cop that it’s “totally ridiculous.” And the magazine’s trumped-up tales of Simpson eating her way through a dangerous pregnancy are as baseless as they are sensationalized. A source tells us, “She hired a chef who has been making healthy meals for everyone.”

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