Jessica and Ashlee Simpson at War Over Weddings?

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By Daniel Gates

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“They might be loving sisters in public, but behind closed doors Jessica and Ashlee Simpson are fighting over every detail of their respective weddings,” a so-called family friend tells OK!, an outlet with a not-so-proud history of sensationalism, speculation and inaccuracy when it comes to the Simpsons.

The magazine, which likes to think the sisters hate each other, claims the siblings are at war over their respective nuptials. “Jessica started the feud by warning Ashlee to not rain on her wedding parade, and Ashlee told her where to go,” a so-called “friend” tells the tabloid. “Ashlee thinks Jessica is a total diva.” According to OK!, “Jess doesn’t want Ashlee using her florist and caterer. Ashlee, meanwhile, has threatened to elope in Las Vegas to spite Jessica.”

The tab’s source says, “It’s getting nasty. Jessica’s not going to stand by and watch her sister trump her big day.” Doesn’t OK! get tired of publishing nonsense like this? A source close to the Simpsons tells Gossip Cop the story is completely “false.”

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