Jessica Simpson’s Mom and Dad Starting $250 Million Fashion Battle In Divorce?

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By Daniel Gates


Jessica Simpson’s father Joe and mother Tina are giving her a “$250M Nightmare,” claims the National Enquirer.

What’s supposedly going on? Well, the tabloid says Joe is “now targeting Jessica’s billion-dollar fortune in his increasingly bitter divorce from the pregnant beauty’s mom.”

According to an Enquirer source, “Joe believes that he’s entitled to an even split of Tina’s portion of Jessica’s business, which he figures to be about $250 million. And he’s going to fight to the bitter end to get it.” The magazine claims Tina “tried to settle with Joe by offering him $100 million,” but he is allegedly “holding out for more.”

“Joe doesn’t think he has anything to lose by playing down and dirty,” explains the Enquirer source. Playing “down and dirty” is well-worn territory for the publication, which has repeatedly run reckless stories about Jessica Simpson and her family, including a bogus “miscarriage scare” story just last month. The Enquirer also falsely alleged that Simpson fired her dad back in December.

But as much as the outlet would love to make the Simpson divorce sound more dramatic, this “$250 million nightmare” story is just sensationalized nonsense. A source close to the family tells us that everyone is still on amicable terms, and that there’s no truth to the Enquirer report.

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