Jessica Chastain: Brad Pitt Was My “Game Changer”

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Jessica Chastain InStyle

By Daniel Gates

Jessica Chastain InStyle


Jessica Chastain says being cast opposite Brad Pitt in The Tree of Life changed everything. “I knew the second Brad signed on it was a game changer for my career,” the actress tells InStyle. “Then I was just scared that I was going to get fired. It wasn’t until after a week of shooting that I started to relax.”

She’s still not entirely comfortable with her newfound fame, and Chastain invokes Pitt’s wife while describing her relationship with celebrity. “I’m sure if Angelina Jolie were sitting here, it would be a very different experience,” she tells the magazine, referring to the restaurant setting for the interview. “Because you would have 30 people who are not paying attention to their breakfast companions and are instead staring at her, and that definitely is an extreme. That, for me, would be terrible.”

Chastain is protective of her privacy. “I made sure when I started that I was known for my work, not for whom I was dating,” she tells InStyle. And she has no interest in being half of a Hollywood power couple. She explains, “Acting is all about being open to another person, and to date an actor, it just confuses it, because how do you even know if it’s real?”

Having attended Julliard thanks to a scholarship funded by the late Robin Williams, Chastain hopes her career honors his generosity. She tells the magazine, “I always thought in some way I would have a chance to pay him back. It was a very strange thing to have never met him. I didn’t want to be stalkerish, but then you always question yourself: ‘Did I do enough?’ I’m hoping there’s a way to continue his legacy and keep the scholarship going.” What do you think about what Chastain has to say?

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