MAG: Jessica Biel Using Lance Bass to Pressure Justin Timberlake Into Baby

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By Shari Weiss

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Jessica Biel has turned to an unlikely source in her quest to get hubby Justin Timberlake on the baby-making train — his former boy-band buddy Lance Bass,” declares the National Enquirer. The tabloid claims that while Biel is helping Bass plan his upcoming wedding, “She’s also using the time to get advice from him about how to convince Justin that the time is right to start a family.”

“Justin keeps telling Jessica they’ve only been married for a year, and they should enjoy the time they have together before they rush into making babies,” a so-called “friend” of the couple tells the Enquirer. The supposed pal continues, “But Jessica reminds him they’ve already been a couple for six years — and she doesn’t want to wait anymore.”

And so, the magazine alleges, Biel went to Bass for help. “Lance told Jessica, ‘I’ve known the dude for almost 20 years, and if you stay on him, I swear he’ll cave,'” claims an Enquirer “source.” (Yes, because every woman wants her significant other to “cave” when deciding to start a family.)

Anyway, the mag adds that Bass “even talked to Justin himself.” “He told Justin that Jessica is serious and she isn’t taking no for an answer,” alleges the outlet’s “source,” who was apparently privy to both private conversations. The Enquirer even alleges that even though Timberlake is on a concert tour through next summer, Biel has “been turning down new acting jobs, apparently in preparation for parenthood.” The couple’s “friend” adds, “Jessica is determined to work on having a baby after Justin is off the road. And thanks to Lance, she knows she’s doing the right thing in not letting the issue slide.”

That’s news to Bass, whose rep says he has NOT advised Biel about any baby plans — much less pressured Timberlake into it. The Enquirer story is “totally made up,” his spokesperson tells Gossip Cop.

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National Enquirer

Jessica Biel used Lance Bass to pressure Justin Timberlake into having a baby.

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