Jenny McCarthy: Donnie Wahlberg “Has The Most Beautiful Penis” (VIDEO)

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Jenny McCarthy Donnie Wahlberg Penis Watch What Happens Live

By Michael Lewittes


Jenny McCarthy Donnie Wahlberg Penis Watch What Happens Live


Jenny McCarthy couldn’t help but gush about her new husband Donnie Wahlberg’s “beautiful” penis and his exceptional lovemaking skills on Wednesday’s “Watch What Happens Live.”


When a fan called in to the show to ask the newlywed how sex had changed for her after she had gotten married, McCarthy confessed, “Without a doubt it gets better every single time I make love to him. First of all, he has the most beautiful penis I have ever seen in my life. Sometimes they are deformed looking,” she explained. “Sometimes they are a different color that you aren’t used to. Some are like purple. Some are pink.”

But the Sirius XM radio host didn’t stop there. “The size is perfect,” she noted of Wahlberg’s penis. “I can’t get too descriptive. It fits my vagina perfectly and hits the spots right. He makes loves to a woman.” Wahlberg quickly chimed in from the audience, “Not any woman. Just you!”

McCarthy then recalled how long she waited to sleep with her husband. “I held out,” she said. “I know there was a two in it. I don’t know if it was two dates, two weeks or two months.” She admitted that she thought Wahlberg was married when they first met. When she learned he was single, McCarthy noted, “I wanted to sit on his face and that’s what I told him. Then I gave him my phone number. God his family is watching. I’m sorry.” She continued, “He didn’t call for two weeks! Then we went out and I knew from date one I was going to marry him.”

Check out the hilarious video below, and tell us what you think!

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