Jenny Johnson Responds to Chris Brown Twitter War: “I’m On The Side of Good”


By Daniel Gates


Jenny Johnson, the comedian whose vulgar Twitter fight with Chris Brown triggered his departure from the platform earlier this week, has spoken out about the situation.

“This is not an apology. I just want to clear some things up,” begins Johnson in a post for GQ.

Johnson goes on to say that she’d assumed the whole thing “would pass” in a couple of days, but “it’s still kind of there.”

“I won’t say I regret what I did, but I will say I have learned from it. I chose to turn a lazy Sunday watching football with my husband into a total sh*tstorm,” writes Johnson, who says she “didn’t want attention” from the Brown situation.

She mentions receiving “thousands of (misspelled) death threats,” but explains, “I am NOT a victim of anything, nor have I ever thought I was.”

Johnson then gets into a little more depth about the reasons she regularly went after Brown on Twitter.

“I’ve had people assume I dislike Chris Brown because I’m taking up for Rihanna, I’m not. I’m on the side of good, of equality and respect for my fellow woman,” says Johnson, adding, “I was raised to not respect a person who doesn’t respect others. And one human being physically harming another human being is one of the most disrespectful acts there is.”

She says that while she’s never been a victim of domestic abuse, she knows people who were, and “I’ve seen the long term damage it does.”

Johnson writes, “That said, my Twitter account is meant to be funny. While there are truths behind a lot of the things I write, in no way, shape or form are they meant to be seen as anything other than the words of a comedy writer, in 140 characters or less.”

She admits that her Brown beef was “certainly not my finest hour, but here we are.”

“By next week Miley Cyrus will marry a shoe, Justin Bieber will meet the Pope wearing a wetsuit, Kim Kardashian will announce she’s pregnant with a sea turtle, and everyone will move on,” writes Johnson. “Even though I promised myself I would remain quiet on this subject, I just felt the need to clear the air on these certain topics.”

What do you think about Johnson’s comments on her fight with Brown?

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