Jennifer Lopez Quit The 33 Chilean Miners Movie Because She Hates Pretty Ladies?

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By Daniel Gates

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Jennifer Lopez may have dropped out of The 33, a movie about the 2010 rescue of Chilean miners trapped underground, because the “ruthless diva” was obsessed with “making damn sure that no female in the flick would be cuter or curvier than her,” reports the National Enquirer. The tabloid, which sometimes spreads preposterous and false rumors about the singer-actress’ life and career, notes that Lopez was set to play Maria Segovia, who waited for her brother and his fellow miners to be saved during their 69-day ordeal.

“But the film also tells the stories of other wives, girlfriends and mothers who waited — and Jennifer went nuts making sure no actress cast in those roles would be prettier, or have a sexier body than she does,” an absolutely ridiculous-sounding “source” tells the Enquirer. The made-up insider continues, “She kept going through hundreds of casting photos and whenever she spotted a female who looked too cute or sexy, she’d slash a big, black ‘X’ across their face with a Sharpie! The girl doesn’t want any competition.”

This, of course, makes zero sense. Lopez stars in movies. Those movies often have other women. The Enquirer seems to want us to believe that Jennifer Lopez will never make another movie that includes another woman because she can’t stand anyone else who’s pretty. It’s not the first ludicrous thing the gossip rag has printed about Lopez, and it won’t be the last. She left The 33 because of a scheduling conflict after she decided to return to “American Idol.” Period.

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