Harry Connick, Jr. Forces Jennifer Lopez To Put $100 In Potty When She Swears?

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Harry Connick Jennifer Lopez Potty

By Daniel Gates

Harry Connick Jennifer Lopez Potty

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Harry Connick, Jr. does not force Jennifer Lopez to put $100 in a “toddler-size porta-potty” every time she uses an F-bomb on the set of “American Idol,” despite a completely ridiculous National Enquirer report. Gossip Cop can flush this story.

According to the Enquirer, Connick became “fed up” with Lopez’s “perennial potty mouth [and] decreed she needs vocal toilet training,” hence the alleged potty arrangement. A so-called “insider” tells the outlet, “J. Lo thinks it’s hilarious! Plus, all the proceeds go to charity, and she and Harry now have the entire staff and crew ‘donating’ dough whenever they drop a dirty. Money’s literally being thrown in the toilet, but it’s all for a good cause.”

Except… none of this is true. It’s the type of colorful, made-up item the Enquirer often pushes. This is the same publication that once fabricated an entire story about a window washer allegedly attempting to steal panties from Lopez’s bedroom. And it’s the same outlet that has put out phony “Idol”-related stories about Lopez, such as a supposed feud with Steven Tyler and an alleged battle with Mariah Carey.

What about this cash-stuffed potty story? It’s “total bullsh*t, pun intended,” a source close to Connick tells Gossip Cop exclusively. There you have it.

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