Jennifer Lopez Helping Nicki Minaj Take Down Mariah Carey on American Idol?

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By Michael Lewittes


“A furious Mariah Carey is blasting former ‘American Idol’ judge Jennifer Lopez for stabbing her in the back,” begins a breathless piece from the National Enquirer. Say what now? According to the supermarket tabloid, “J.Lo is secretly giving career advice to Mariah’s bitter enemy, fellow ‘Idol’ judge Nicki Minaj, in an attempt to have the flamboyant rapper outshine Mariah on the panel.”

A so-called “source” for the mag claims, “Mariah hit the roof when she heard Jennifer called Nicki and offered to help her become the most popular ‘American Idol’ judge.” The purported insider, who is apparently close to both Carey and Lopez, reveals, “Jennifer is instructing Nicki on everything, from how to treat contestants to what to wear.” Carey was allegedly “so upset” about Lopez’s supposed interference that she “called Jennifer directly and told her to butt out!” claims the spy. “Mariah and Jennifer are now archenemies,” adds the source.

Wow. As in wow, this story is so incredibly absurd… even by the Enquirer’s standards. There’s NEVER been a feud between Carey and Lopez. And while Carey and Minaj certainly have their issues, their squabble has NOTHING to do with Lopez. A rep for Lopez laughed off the silly story to Gossip Cop, telling us it’s “100% inaccurate.”

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