CLAIM: Simon Cowell Sending “Secret Notes to Lover” Via Jennifer Lopez

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By Shari Weiss

Jennifer Lopez

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Simon Cowell

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Jennifer Lopez is passing messages between Simon Cowell and the married socialite who is expecting his baby,” claims the Daily Express. According to the UK tabloid, “The singer has agreed to act as their ‘go-between’ after Cowell’s legal team insisted he break off all contact with pregnant Lauren Silverman until her divorce with her husband Andrew is settled.”

“She and Lauren have met at least twice,” a so-called “source close to Cowell” tells the Express, pointing out that Lopez and Silverman have homes near each other in the Hamptons, and alleging the pair “spent 20 minutes talking animatedly” at a “recent barbecue.” The British paper’s supposed snitch continues, “There have been quite a few phone calls between the two. Lauren has come to regard Jen as her only lifeline to Simon. The arrangement has taken a lot of stress out of her situation.” “Jen has assured her Simon would never, ever leave her and their unborn child out to hang,” claims the alleged insider, adding, “While Jen isn’t altogether comfortable playing sob sister, she’s come to understand how worried Lauren is and let her know she will continue to be there for her.”

Wow, as in, wow, this is really wrong. Lopez has nothing to do with Cowell and Silverman’s relationship. A source close to Lopez tells Gossip Cop it’s “absolutely not true” that she’s acting as a “go-between” for the couple.

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