CLAIM: Jennifer Lopez Cuts Off Casper Smart’s $10,000 Weekly Allowance

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By Michael Lewittes


“Things aren’t going well” between Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart, reports OK!, which claims the singer-actress is “feeling used” by her boy toy. The mag says Lopez has decided to determine whether her man’s intentions are true by “cutting off Casper’s $10,000 weekly allowance,” and then seeing if he still sticks around.

A so-called “source” for the tabloid explains, “Jennifer thinks he’s taking it for granted,” noting, “Everyone told her he was just using her for her money and connections, and now she’s ready to put it to the test.”

OK! goes on to allege that Smart is “strutting around with an aura of arrogant entitlement,” quoting another purported insider as saying, “He’ll take his ‘boys’ to dinner at Mastro’s [a pricey steakhouse] and then get them bottle service at whatever Hollywood club, and not invite Jennifer.”

And that’s not all. “He’ll come in with bags and bags from Nordstrom, and she’s always expecting that there will be a little something for her, but there never is,” adds the source. Hmm. There’s just one small problem with this story. Lopez was NEVER paying her boyfriend an “allowance.”

Gossip Cop debunked that ludicrous tale back in January, and OK! is simply rehashing the rumor this week for lack of any real news. A rep for Lopez laughed off the ridiculous claims once again, asking, “How could something be cut off if it was never there?” Oops.

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