Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart “On The Rocks”?

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By Shari Weiss

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Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are “on the rocks,” says OK!, which claims the singer “is tired of footing the bill” for her boyfriend. “Casper and J.Lo fight all the time,” a “source” tells the magazine. “They fight over the fact that Casper feels entitled when he shouldn’t. He forgets that and that’s when their fights break out.” Hold up: Gossip Cop would just like to point out that no one actually close to Lopez calls her “J.Lo.”

Now that we’ve got that settled, OK! further claims the pair “had a doozy” of an argument in November after Smart allegedly “went on a $100,000 shopping spree on Jen’s dime.” “It sparked ‘a huge blowout fight about the fact that he feels entitled to live the life of luxury [and] she doesn’t want him to forget that he came into the relationship with nothing and he’ll leave with nothing as well,'” says the outlet’s “source.”

And while Lopez allegedly feels all the luxuries they live with are “not his stuff,” the tab’s snitch points out that Smart is “living with her and of course he’s going to become accustomed to her lifestyle, because that’s the life that’s around him.” Enough! Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the singer who tells us it’s “not true” that Lopez and Smart are “on the rocks,” and even pints out the couple was just out for a “fun” dinner on Tuesday. It’s also worth noting OK! is the same publication that said Lopez was sporting a baby bump last year and wrongly claimed again last month that the star was pregnant and close to dumping Smart. It seems the magazine’s Lopez sources are not “OK.”

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Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are on the rocks.

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