Jennifer Lopez: I Let The “Beast Loose” To Get To Next Level

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By Daniel Gates


Jennifer Lopez opens up about her new album, revived career and future plans in a Billboard cover story.

“Things have changed so much for me,” she tells the magazine. “I had to really do some soul searching and just realize a lot of things about love, and now I feel like I come from a place where I’m stronger and, I think, better.”

Lopez is excited about her upcoming release A.K.A., and credits her 2012 co-headlining tour with Enrique Iglesias for restoring her confidence as a performer.

She says, “After I got home, I realized I was a stronger vocalist than maybe even I gave myself credit for. I never put myself out there to show the world what I could do in the best way I could.”

“And touring, you gain a lot when you go out there every night and sing when you feel good, or even when your voice is scratchy and you feel a little off,” explains Lopez. “It made me want to get back into the studio without that cage I had put on myself.”

She adds, “Once I let that beast loose, I was doing things I didn’t know I could do.”

The singer has broadened her approach.

“I’ve always strayed from embracing all these different parts of myself as a person and as an artist, but this time I was like, ‘I am all these different things,”‘ says Lopez. “I can be silly, I can make fun of myself, but I can also be deathly serious and way too deep and introspective sometimes.”

She continues, “I think people have so many more sides to themselves than just one. We’re much more colorful than that.”

Lopez feels as though she’s reached the point where “I don’t feel like I have anything to prove anymore” — but does want to have her career compared against people like Cher and Tina Turner, whose relevance spanned decades.

The star tells Billboard that the earlier generation of female performers “showed us that you don’t have to, as a young woman, have an expiration date. You can go on, and you can do what you want into your 60s and 70s and you can be powerful and be vulnerable and be human. And I think we’re just carrying that on.”

“I’d like to think I’m part of the generation that’s carrying that on,” says Lopez.

What does she have in store?

Lopez admits, “I don’t know what I’m going to be doing in the next six months. I really don’t. And that’s OK for me. Because what I like is whatever happens is supposed to happen. And I’m good. I can roll with that.”

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