CLAIM: Jennifer Lopez in “Adoption War”

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By Shari Weiss


Jennifer Lopez’s young lover, Casper Smart, is pushing the superstar to adopt a child with him,” claims the National Enquirer, which adds that “there’s one thing standing in the way — her mom!”

According to the supermarket tabloid, Lopez’s mother Guadalupe “is so furious over the idea of the couple adopting a child from Mexico that she’s been telling pals she’ll ‘slap Jennifer upside the head’ if she even considers it.” WHAT?! “Guadalupe is livid,” says a so-called “source,” who alleges Lopez’s mom “doesn’t approve of Casper and is afraid his bond with Jennifer will be strengthened if they adopted a kid together.”

Smart, meanwhile, is said to be “anxious to move forward with his relationship” with Lopez, who supposedly “hasn’t said no and hasn’t said yes” to the adoption plan yet. The Enquirer’s source claims Smart “is starting to get a bit pushy,” and even took Lopez to his family home in Mexico to try to persuade her.

“Casper wants to be in Jennifer’s life for good, so adopting a child from Mexico together could be the answer,” says the tab’s snitch. Nice story, but a rep for Lopez tells Gossip Cop it’s completely “inaccurate” that she is in the middle of an “adoption war” with Smart and her mother.

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