Jennifer Lawrence Slams Tabloid Rumors: “None Of This Is Real!” (VIDEO)

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Jennifer Lawrence Tabloids Rumors Video

By Shari Weiss


Jennifer Lawrence Tabloids Rumors Video

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Jennifer Lawrence slams tabloids in a new interview, admitting she sometimes ends up falling for the made-up gossip about other celebrities, even though she knows better. Watch below.

Lawrence was asked by E! News at Comic-Con about the seemingly endless rumors about her, and she pointedly remarked, “I’ll break up with somebody and move in with them in one solid week!” The comment seemed to hit back at some recent speculation about her love life with Chris Martin, and she went on to shoot down pregnancy reports, too. Gossip Cop busted one such false pregnancy claim last fall, and another in 2013.

Still, the Oscar winner acknowledged, “It’s funny, because then I’ll always read stuff about other celebrities. Like I’ll see like something on the cover of something and be like, ‘Wow! They broke up?!'” Thankfully, though, Lawrence usually comes to her senses. “I’m like, ‘What are you doing?! You know none of this is real!'”

The actress went on to say she’s trying to stop paying “attention” to it all because “it’s so fictional.” May Gossip Cop humbly suggest some alternative reading instead? In all seriousness though, Gossip Cop appreciates Lawrence confirming what we try to tell readers every day: Tabloids are not to be believed. Check out the video below.

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