Jennifer Lawrence Plans “Downward Spiral” With Stephen Colbert (VIDEO)

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Jennifer Lawrence Colbert Report

By Michael Lewittes


Jennifer Lawrence Colbert Report

(Comedy Central)

Jennifer Lawrence appeared on Thursday’s “Colbert Report,” where she and Stephen Colbert planned her “downward spiral.” After she joked that she was “going postal,” Colbert graciously offered to help the star plot her downfall.

“We could plan your downward spiral, if you want,” Colbert told Lawrence. “We could pick the drug and the crime,” he added. Lawrence readily agreed, until she heard the comedian’s plans for her. “How about crystal meth and boosting cars?” he suggested. The actress responded, “Ooh, [meth is] bad for the skin!” Jokes aside, Colbert noted that the Oscar winner attained so much “success at such a young age,” that the 24-year-old could just “start phoning it in right now.”

Colbert questioned Lawrence, “Have you ever just thought of pulling the rip cord and going, ‘I am done’?” Lawrence responded, “I have a feeling it is just going to happen for me, so I feel like I don’t have to do that. I am constantly waiting for everything to fall apart.” Colbert then assured her that she’s in the “‘In Memoriam’ reel already.”

The talk show host also compared Lawrence’s home state of Kentucky to her Hunger Games character’s home in District 12. “There is coal mining,” she said. “I grew up in Kentucky, not skinning squirrels, actually I have skinned a squirrel before. I can’t even say that…. I was like, ‘Jennifer, you’ve even eaten squirrel chili!'” Check out the interview below, and tell us what you think!

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