WATCH: Woman Gets $25,000 in Plastic Surgery to Look Like Jennifer Lawrence

Truth rating: 10

By Daniel Gates



Jennifer Lawrence inspired at least one fan to take some extreme measures to follow in the Hollywood star’s footsteps.

A 30-year-old mom and dog trainer named Kitty opted to have six plastic surgery procedures, totaling $25,000, to look even more like Lawrence, to whom she says she’s often compared. “I can appreciate that her personality is spunky and fun,” she tells ABC News. “I can appreciate that her body is banging.”

As Lawrence became more famous, Kitty’s interest in heightening their resemblance also grew. She explains, “The more I’ve looked at her, the more I’ve realized that her features are sort of my features but more refined.”

Kitt adds, “The reason why I decided to get surgery is because post having my daughter, I wasn’t quite as comfortable with my body… I don’t think you have to be crazy to want to look better or feel better about yourself. That’s not crazy.”

In the “Nightline” clip below, we also meet a woman who undergoes procedures to look like Michelle Rodriguez. So how did both women’s medical journeys go?

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