CLAIM: Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult’s Romance on “Death Watch”

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By Daniel Gates


Hunger Games heroine Jennifer Lawrence and her British boyfriend of two years, Nicholas Hoult, are en route to Splitsville, according to an insider” for Star magazine. The tabloid claims the two are “living separate lives” and that friends fear their relationship “won’t survive to the first of the year.” The couple’s romance is “on death watch,” says Star, and Lawrence is allegedly “receiving pressure from her friends and reps to dump him.”

Why? Star’s “source” explains, “They’re saying that [Hoult’s] stay-at-home habit is holding her back.” According to the mag, the actress has recently “been linked to John Mayer,” and “is finally wising up.”

“It’s gotten her thinking that if [Hoult’s] not willing to sacrifice even a little bit of time to be with her, why is she sacrificing her career to be with him?” A couple of things. First of all, Lawrence was only “linked” to Mayer by Star’s unreliable sister outlet RadarOnline — and it was based on NOTHING.

More importantly, it’s simply NOT true that she and Hoult are always apart or that their relationship is faltering. A source close to Lawrence tells Gossip Cop, “They always make time to see each other when filming and she just recently spent a month in Africa visiting him.” Star is right about Hoult and Lawrence having busy schedules — but the tabloid’s relationship “death watch” for the couple is pure speculative fantasy.

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