HollywoodLife Twists Jennifer Lawrence’s Interview Into Miley Cyrus “Diss”

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Jennifer Lawrence Miley Cyrus Diss

By Daniel Gates


Jennifer Lawrence Miley Cyrus Diss

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HollywoodLife is misrepresenting a Jennifer Lawrence interview to make it seem as though the actress attacked Miley Cyrus. On Tuesday, the webloid reported on an interview Lawrence gave to the BBC with the headline, “Jennifer Lawrence’s Diss to Miley Cyrus: Her Behavior’s Disgusting.” But this is an outright distortion.

While it’s true her interviewer brings up Cyrus when asking Lawrence about the overall “sexualization” of women in Hollywood, the actress’ response is way less personal (and more nuanced) than HollywoodLife leads everyone to believe. After a long discussion touching on Lawrence’s critique of show business’ body image issues the interviewer asks, “What about people like Miley Cyrus? Do you worry about women in [the] music industry and Hollywood, young women like her being put under pressure to be sex objects?”

Lawrence gives a long, thoughtful response that never mentions Cyrus by name and specifically notes that each woman should feel free to be as sexy as she chooses:

“I don’t really worry about it… it’s just kind of a part of this world, it’s a part of the entertainment industry that sells. Sex sells. And for some disgusting reason, young sex sells even more. So it’s not really something that I worry about, because I feel like, everybody’s got their own path, and their own way of finding themselves. For some people, that’s how they feel best, that’s how they feel sexy and that’s how they want to perform.”

When the interviewer refers to “twerking with a dwarf,” Lawrence laughs and says, “To each their own.” Pretty harmless. But that’s not feud bait, so that’s not how HollywoodLife sells it. Of course, the outlet has made up stuff about Lawrence before. Hopefully, people actually watch Lawrence’s full remarks instead of just jumping to conclusions.

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