Jennifer Lawrence “May Be Gay!” Exclaims BOGUS Tabloid Report

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By Michael Lewittes


Star continues its bizarre campaign against Jennifer Lawrence this week with a story titled, “The Secret Side of Jennifer Lawrence,” a side which supposedly entails “drugs, booze and strip clubs!”

The mag says the actress, who picked up Best Actress at this year’s Oscars, “has been celebrating nonstop” ever since her win, and her “wild” behavior has loved ones worried about the star.

According to the tab, Lawrence was spotted “partying it up” at her Hawaii hotel last week, where she was allegedly seen getting “hot and heavy with a mysterious dark-haired female ‘friend,’ fueling rumors that the Kentucky-born beauty may be gay!” Um… since when is hugging a pal considered “hot and heavy”?

Anyhow, a purported “staffer” at the hotelsays Lawrence, who recently got out of a long-term relationship with Nicholas Hoult, was “holding hands” and “very touchy-feely” with her female friend.

“We all noticed it,” shares the supposed employee, who goes on to add a number of men at the hotel bar were “trying to hit on” Lawrence and her friend, “but it was a no-go.” Oh, so because the movie star isn’t being receptive to random guys coming on to her, she’s a lesbian?

The mag then quotes another so-called “witness” at a strip club where Lawrence and her friends reportedly capped off their night, tattling, “Jennifer was holding hands with the dark-haired girl, and they were whispering in each other’s ear.” Huh.

Interesting that both the hotel “source” and the strip club “witness” would both refer to Lawrence’s friend as “the dark-haired girl.” Anyway, it doesn’t really matter if these sources are fictional or not, because either way, this story is completely ridiculous.

Lawrence was enjoying some much-needed chill time in between the hectic awards season and filming Catching Fire. She wasn’t out of control, and she’s not “gay” because she’s close with her female friend.

Also, it’s funny how Star fails to mention that Lawrence was hanging out with Josh Hutcherson in Hawaii — the same person the mag incorrectly recently claimed hated the actress. In any case, a source close to Lawrence tells Gossip Cop the mag’s story is complete “trash.”

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