Jennifer Lawrence Did NOT Slam Julia Roberts, Despite National Enquirer Report

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By Daniel Gates

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Jennifer Lawrence is feuding with Julia Roberts and blasting her behind closed doors, according to a completely false story in the National Enquirer. The tabloid claims Lawrence “lashed out” at Roberts after the older actress “questioned” whether the Catching Fire star deserved to be called “America’s Sweetheart.”

We should note right away that this entire story is rooted in a fake controversy. A couple of weeks ago, MTV asked Roberts about Lawrence joining the ranks of the “Sweethearts,” to which Roberts joked, “My card is expired and I didn’t get a new one. I think she’s fabulous, but she seems cooler than me.” When outlets began mis-reporting the exchange as some kind of feud, interviewer Josh Horowitz immediately tweeted, “Nothing so dispiriting as seeing some people turning a fun and complimentary chat into one actress going after another.” Roberts’ words were being twisted into some kind of diss.

So now the Enquirer is late to the game and wrong when it reports that a “bitter feud has erupted between the box-office beauties.” According to “sources” for the outlet, Lawrence slammed Roberts’ “sour grapes” and then raged about her fellow actress. “Jennifer told a pal, ‘I don’t know what her problem is. I never said a bad word about her in my life,'” says one Enquirer insider, although it’s not clear if this is the same person who fed the tabloid a bogus story about Lawrence feuding with Jessica Chastain, or the one who invented the mag’s bogus story about Angelina Jolies rivalry with Lawrence. Oh, and the Enquirer also once faked a feud between Lawrence and Kristen Stewart. In fact, the magazine has often dragged Lawrence into non-stories just for the sake of controversy. Regardless, this supposed Lawrence-Roberts fight is 100 percent fabricated. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the story is “made up.”

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