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Site just won’t quit trying to impregnate Jennifer Garner

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By Michael Lewittes



“Busted! Your Bottom Button Is Undone And You’re Covering Your Stomach Jen! You’re Totally Pregnant!” reads the latest ridiculous headline from HollywoodLife. 

The site, which has seemingly tried to impregnate Jennifer Garner more than her own husband Ben Affleck, writes,  “You can’t fool us anymore Jen! The loose shirt, the undone bottom button. You have a baby on the way!”

Actually, the only “fool” is HollywoodLife, which adds, “Jen is still trying to hide her pregnancy by… wearing a loose denim shirt that she didn’t button at the bottom.”

Wait, so covering one’s body in public with a loose denim shirt equals pregnancy?


For two months HollywoodLife has claimed Garner was pregnant, and frankly she looks thinner today than she did when they first speculated she was with child.

HollywoodLife was WRONG when it made its first pregnancy claim on April 6.

HollywoodLife was WRONG again when it repeated its assumption on April 12.

HollywoodLife was WRONG yet again on June 2.

And  HollywodLife is still WRONG today.

Rather than assuming a loose denim shirt means a woman is pregnant, Gossip Cop instead has been checking with sources, and as someone close to Garner told us just three days ago, “She is absolutely not pregnant.”

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