TABLOID: Jennifer Hudson Ended Her Weight Watchers Deal Because Jessica Simpson “Hogs the Spotlight”

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By Shari Weiss

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Jennifer Hudson ended her deal with Weight Watchers because Jessica Simpson “hogs the spotlight,” alleges the National Enquirer.

A supposed “insider” complains to the supermarket tabloid, “Jennifer felt that she was the perfect role model for Weight Watchers. She lost an enormous amount of weight slowly and steadily, and maintained her figure.”

“Meanwhile,” snipes the outlet’s source, “Jessica’s weight yo-yoed, and she also took time-outs for her two pregnancies.” According to the Enquirer, “Jennifer wonders whether Jessica used her pregnancies as a way of buying time to lose weight and gain sympathy for her herself, and Jennifer thinks Jessica may be too eager to jump into the spotlight.”

“Jennifer isn’t the type of person to post revealing shots of her body, play the sexpot card or use her personal life to bolster her career,” says the tab’s source, “but Jessica will.” Adds the Enquirer’s alleged snitch, “Jennifer came to think that Jessica didn’t take the program as seriously as she did.”

Enough. Does the magazine really think Simpson brought another life into the world simply as a way of “buying time to lose weight and gain sympathy for her herself”? Not only is it entirely wrong, but it’s also beyond distasteful. Regardless, Hudson’s contract with Weight Watchers ended at a pre-determined date, and she simply decided not to renew it. A source close to Hudson tells Gossip Cop the decision had nothing to do with Simpson, calling the Enquirer story “completely false.”

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