Jennifer Garner “Worried Sick” Ben Affleck Will “Cheat On Her,” Claims Mag

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By Michael Lewittes


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are “dealing with major trust issues,” reports Star, whose reporting is not always trustworthy. The tabloid, which has previously claimed the couple was having issues due to the actor’s supposed tanning addiction, now says Garner is “worried sick” that Affleck will “cheat on her!”

A purported “insider” tells the mag, “Jen really doesn’t trust Ben. She’s going to Cleveland for two weeks this month to begin shooting a new film. While she’s away, she’s pulling the kids out of school in Brentwood to be on set with her — and she’s worried about Ben being by himself,” alleges the supposed snitch.

Um, if Garner is so fearful of him being alone, then why would she take the children out of school in the first place? Anyway, Star goes on to say that the actress is also nervous about her husband straying because “Ben is once again throwing himself into his work.” The so-called “source” reveals, “Jen has decided to do fewer movies to make sure the marriage works.” Uh, didn’t this same “insider” just say that Garner is flying to Cleveland to film a new movie this month?

It seems like this purported spy is having a bit of trouble keeping all the lies straight. In any case, Gossip Cop checked in with a Garner friend, who tells us the mag’s entire story is FALSE, calling the piece “silly.”

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