Jennifer Garner Had “Meltdown” When Matt Damon Skipped Gone Girl Premiere For George Clooney’s Wedding?

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Jennifer Garner Matt Damon

By Daniel Gates

Jennifer Garner Matt Damon

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Jennifer Garner is NOT upset with Matt Damon for skipping the Gone Girl premiere in order to attend the George ClooneyAmal Alamuddin wedding over the weekend, despite a ridiculous new report claiming she had a “meltdown.”

Why, exactly, would Garner supposedly be so upset about Damon going to his close friend’s wedding? Because RadarOnline is desperate for an angle, and as everyone knows, the webloid loves nothing more than starting completely absurd feuds. The outlet claims Garner was “furious” with Damon for choosing Clooney’s nuptials in Italy over Ben Affleck movie premiere.

“She flipped out that he ditched his best friend on his big night to go to George’s wedding instead,” explains a so-called “eyewitness” for RadarOnline, which doesn’t seem to understand that Affleck has movie premieres a lot more often than Clooney has weddings.

The “source” (hahaha) tells RadarOnline that Garner was “mad” because she and Affleck “go to every event for Matt,” and he “could have tried to do the same for Ben, and still made it to George’s wedding in time.” Uh-huh. Beyond the total lack of logic, how do we know RadarOnline made up this story? Because Garner’s alleged “meltdown” magically ended when Affleck spoke “a few calming words,” claims the webloid. Oh, how convenient! It’s a good thing no one except RadarOnline noticed Garner purportedly flipping out at the public event before Affleck calmed her down! This story is ridiculous. A source close to the situation laughed off the report, telling Gossip Cop that Garner was “not upset in the least.”

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