No Baby For Jennifer Garner NINE Months After OK! “Pregnant” Cover

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jennifer garner pregnant

By James Crugnale

jennifer garner pregnant


Jennifer Garner did NOT have a baby nine months after a OK! cover story exclaimed that the actress was “PREGNANT.” The story back then cheerfully noted that she and husband Ben Affleck were “ready for baby No. 4!” Of course, Gossip Cop was the first to exclusively bust the 100 percent wrong report last July.

According to the original nine-month-old cover story, Garner had a “baby bump,” and apparently it was a “shocker.” Now, fast-forward nine months to today, and assuming Garner got pregnant right as OK! published its story, the baby would have been born and Affleck would be handing out cigars.

Originally, the no-nothings at OK! claimed Garner and Affleck were “having another baby” as a “last-ditch effort to mend the marriage.” Well, here we are nine months later, and there’s nothing to “mend,” since the couple is happy, and there’s also no baby.

Here’s what’s not a “shocker.” OK! published an embarrassingly inaccurate cover story, and never issued an apology. What’s equally not shocking is that lemming-like publications, including the New York Daily News and Daily Mail, copied and published similarly wrong stories. While OK! may have wanted to forget this giant blunder, clearly Gossip Cop has not.

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