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It’s Official: Jennifer Garner is “Not Pregnant”

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By Daniel Gates


For months, the hacks at HollywoodLife have tried to convince the world Jennifer Garner is pregnant.

Thankfully, none of them went into obstetrics. They’d be dreadful at it.

But they do have a future in farming, given how well they shovel manure.

“Jen, you’re clearly pregnant so why don’t you just come out and admit it?” the site asked last week, repeating the same rumor they delivered on April 6, April 12, June 2 and June 5.

Each time HollywoodLife insisted Garner was pregnant, Gossip Cop busted it based on information from sources close to the actress. And each time HollywoodLife refused to budge on its baby bump conviction.

“You are SO pregnant,” said the site so fond of addressing celebrities directly. “We are so happy you’re pregnant and we just can’t wait for you to finally tell the world you’re expecting a beautiful baby!”

Well, today Garner delivered… an official denial.

She is “not pregnant,” a rep tells Gossip Cop.

We’re going to ask HollywoodLife what we’ve asked before: “How exactly will you weasel out of the hole you have dug for yourself?


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