Jennifer Garner ‘Furious’ Ben Affleck Keeps In Touch With Jennifer Lopez?

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By Michael Lewittes



Jennifer Garner flew into a “jealous rage” after Ben Affleck revealed in an interview that he still keeps in touch with his ex-fiancée, Jennifer Lopez, reports the National Enquirer. The supermarket tabloid claims Garner was “furious that he’d gushed over her love rival.”

“Love rival”? Affleck and Lopez dated nearly a decade ago, and have both since married and had children with other people!

Anyway, a so-called “source” for the magazine alleges, “After Jen read Ben’s glowing comments about Jennifer, she hit the roof.” The purported “insider” adds, “She screamed at him that he’d made her look like a fool.” “Jen’s always felt threatened by Ben’s passionate relationship with J.Lo. So hearing him rave about her really struck a nerve,” explains the source.

Garner was supposedly so insecure about her husband’s friendship with Lopez that she “secretly arranged” for her mother to babysit the couple’s three kids so she could join him on his Paris trip to promote Argo. The source claims, “Ben thought he was heading to Paris solo until he saw Jen’s bags at the door.”

Seriously? No. None of this ever happened. Garner was already fully aware that Affleck and Lopez keep in touch, long before he mentioned it in the interview. There’s no actual drama here, even though the tabloids wish there were. A source close to the situation calls the Enquirer story “a joke.”

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