Jennifer Aniston Wrote Screenplay Justin Theroux Hated?

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By Daniel Gates

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Justin Theroux convinced Jennifer Aniston to help write a screenplay — and then hated it — according to the National Enquirer.

The tabloid says the actor-writer cajoled his fiancee into co-writing a comedy with him, “finally convincing Jen to take a shot at it.”

“They worked out a story idea and a list of characters, and when Justin went away on a job for a week, Jen was so inspired she just kept on writing — alone!” reveals an “insider” for the Enquirer.

The magazine source continues, “Excited by her work, she thrust the pages at her honey the minute he was back and gushed, ‘I can’t wait for you to read this!… I think it’s really good!'”

(Very natural-sounding “quotes” by the way. Really makes you think the “insider” was in the room with Aniston and Theroux.)

According to the Enquirer tipster, “After reading the pages, Justin stared stone-faced at his future wife and started mumbling stuff like, ‘Er… it’s… okay, but it needs… it’s not quite, er…!’ Jen got the message loud and clear, shrieking, ‘Are you kidding me? You’re the one who pushed me to do this. I told you I wasn’t a writer!'”

(Again, the magazine puts all of the above in quotation marks. As though it’s actually a quote.)

So did Aniston and Theroux really fight over a screenplay?


Just like she’s not having a surrogate baby or getting too cozy with Sam Worthington, both of which the Enquirer recently alleged.

A rep says the screenplay story is not true.

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