Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux OK! “Wedding” Report is Wrong Again

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By Michael Lewittes


“Jen’s Wedding: ALL THE DETAILS!” screams the cover of OK! in another BOGUS story about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Therouxs wedding plans. The tabloid, which previously claimed Aniston and Theroux eloped to Mexico, were getting married in her agent’s office in L.A. and also tied the knot at their Bel Air home, now says the pair is having a ceremony very soon with the theme of “rebirth.”

According to the mag, Aniston’s star-studded birthday party for Theroux on August 10 was a “test run to see if Jen could pull off a small, private, secure party.” A purported “insider” at the bash tells the tab the pair “summoned” guests to the hall of their mansion, making everyone think the party was actually their wedding. The “source” says, “They turned to each other and Jen asked for Justin’s hand… then Jen said, ‘Justin, will you take me, Jennifer Aniston, to be your lawfully wedded… friend?”

LOL! That never happened. The only people who thought Aniston’s party was some sort of covert wedding were hungry, misinformed gossip blogs. Aniston even made fun of those rumors after the fact, joking about the “secret” ceremony in a radio interview.

Anyway, OK! goes on to claim that because the We’re the Millers star’s “experiment” was a “unqualified smash,” the pair is now “heading full-steam ahead to the altar.” The tabloid alleges that the theme of the couple’s nuptials will be “rebirth,” and provides a lot of filler about what the food, cake and guest list will look like. It all amounts to NOTHING. As Aniston recently said, she and Theroux “have yet to set any dates” for their wedding, and feel far too “rushed” with work to plan anything at the moment. It seems that OK!, which has been saying the actress was pregnant since 2010, has gotten ahead of itself once again.

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