Jennifer Aniston ‘Jilted’ By Justin Theroux?

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(In Touch)

By Daniel Gates

Jennifer Aniston

(In Touch)

Justin Theroux “jilted” Jennifer Aniston, claims In Touch, which says the actress is facing “more heartbreak” as her fiancé “brings their wedding planning to a screeching halt.” The tabloid, which once said Brad Pitt was allegedly leaving Angelina Jolie for Aniston, continues to have no idea what’s going on with her.

“After a string of failed relationships, Jen’s dreams of finally finding her happily ever after are slipping away,” says In Touch. “Multiple insiders reveal that work, distance and insecurity have driven [Aniston] and [Theroux] apart in recent months and that their wedding is on hold as their relationship grinds to a halt.” A so-called “friend” of the couple tells the magazine that they’ve “hit a rough patch.” “Right now, there are no wedding plans, no baby plans — nothing,” claims the outlet’s supposed insider.

As Gossip Cop has said countless times, despite tabloids insisting otherwise, there have NEVER been specific wedding plans. Nothing has changed. And just because magazines have been making up phony pregnancy stories for years, Aniston was NEVER making baby plans. Nothing has changed.

Instead of providing useful information, In Touch mostly recycles the tired old theme about Aniston being “unlucky in love” and “driving her men away.” It’s mean-spirited and dead wrong. Aniston and Theroux’s work schedules take them to different places, but they’re not drifting “apart” as the tabloid claims. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the latest report is completely not true.

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