Jennifer Aniston Pregnant with Twins?

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By Daniel Gates



The new Star magazine cover has Jennifer Aniston proclaiming, “I’m Pregnant – With Twins!”

“Months of fertility treatments make her dream come true,” announces the tabloid, which says she and boyfriend, Justin Theroux, are going to be parents.

According to a so-called “insider,” the actress “was sure early on that Justin was The One, so they’ve been trying for a baby for a while” and turned to fertility drugs for assistance.

So when’s the big announcement?

Well… don’t expect one too soon, because the tabloid made up this entire story.

Rather than producing even a shred of evidence that Aniston is actually pregnant, Star quotes “one of her neighbors” who says Aniston “seems to have a baby bump” and is “always hanging out on the couch and eating Haagen-Dazs.”


Also, Aniston has supposedly cut back on booze and is “practicing her mommying skills” by spending time with friends like Sheryl Crow and Courteney Cox who happen to have children.

Meanwhile, even though Star sells the story as a pregnancy announcement, at the very end of the piece the magazine mentions that Aniston herself won’t reveal the supposed development for “a while.”

Don’t hold your breath.

She’s not pregnant.

A rep for Aniston tells Gossip Cop the report is 100% “not true,” even mocking the magazine by joking that she’s really pregnant with “triplets.”

And then we all shared a good laugh at Star.

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