MAG: Jennifer Aniston ‘Twins’ On The Way

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By Daniel Gates


Jennifer Aniston is having twins, says OK!, operating without facts or shame. The magazine wrongly claimed Aniston was pregnant in September, then upped the ante with a bogus “twins” cover story in December. Both reports were 100 percent false, and a more credible outlet may have taken the opportunity to slink back in embarrassment, leaving Aniston alone for a while. Not OK!

“With the support of fiancé Justin Theroux, a contented Jen Aniston is ready to become the best mom ever,” declares the tabloid, insisting that the actress is currently expecting a boy and a girl. Not true. “Jen’s feeling giddy with excitement right now,” a so-called “friend” tells OK!, explaining, “She’s dying to tell the world her amazing news.” The “friend” is either deliberately misinforming OK! or in the dark about Aniston’s actual life, because the story is not true.

Aniston and Theorux “have been delaying an official public announcement, but that hasn’t stopped them from pursuing baby talk with their dearest friends,” writes the magazine. No, what’s “stopped them” is the fact that Aniston is not pregnant.

The mag’s recent Aniston stories — from the totally wrong claim that she and Theroux were set to elope over the holidays to the equally fictitious speculation that she was penning a tell-all about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — have made it clear that OK! has absolutely no clue when it comes to the actress. This latest cover story is more of the same. A source close to Aniston assures Gossip Cop that she’s still NOT pregnant, despite OK!’s best efforts to impregnate her.

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