Jennifer Aniston “Ordered” Justin Theroux Into Therapy, Claims Magazine

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By Daniel Gates

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Jennifer Aniston has “ordered” Justin Theroux into therapy, claims the National Enquirer. According to the tabloid’s source, “Jennifer finally saw the writing on the wall as Justin — who does love her, no question — got freaked and made every excuse to delay their ‘summer’ wedding.” Wrong — there was never any plan for a summer wedding.

The Enquirer insider adds, “Jen realized Justin was pulling away from her. She begged him to tell her what was bothering him — and he dropped the bomb, admitting that the idea of marriage just freaks him out.” “He loves her, but doesn’t understand why they just can’t continue living together the way they are now. Jennifer was devastated!” alleges the mag’s spy. That’s when Aniston supposedly gave Theroux an “ultimatum,” says the Enquirer.

The tab’s insider explains, “Justin must undergo intensive therapy to work through his commitment issues, or — buh-bye!” Uh-huh. All this is coming from the same outlet that ludicrously insisted Aniston wanted Theroux to get a nose job before their wedding, and falsely alleged that he had caused a “rift” between her and Courteney Cox.

Here’s what’s actually happening: The tabloids are getting frustrated that their predictions about Theroux and Aniston have repeatedly been proven wrong, and they’re getting desperate. It’s not a matter of “commitment” issues — it’s reporting issues. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the latest Enquirer story is “totally baseless.”

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National Enquirer

Jennifer Aniston ordered Justin Theroux into therapy.

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