Tabloid: Jennifer Aniston in Therapy Over Brad Pitt “Obsession”

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By Michael Lewittes


“Still Haunted By Brad,” blares a sensationalized headline from Star, which reports that Jennifer Aniston is still hung up on Brad Pitt nearly 10 years after their divorce. Seriously?

The magazine claims Aniston, who is happily engaged to Justin Theroux, recently admitted to a “pal” that “her ex is killing her softly.” According to the tabloid, which embarrassingly reported Aniston and Theroux had broken up just days before they got engaged, claims the actress confided to a so-called “close pal,” “All these years later, I’m still not over Brad.” Therefore, says the magazine, the Horrible Bosses star has supposedly “turned to one-on-one therapy in a last-ditch attempt to rid herself of an obsession” with Pitt, which is “threatening” to ruin her upcoming wedding to Theroux.

The magazine’s purported “insider” further claims Aniston “still thinks about her ex on a daily basis,” alleging, “From time to time, she even pulls out a box of mementos she’s kept — love letters, her handwritten wedding vows, pictures from their romantic vacations abroad, even one of Brad’s old, ratty T-shirts that she claims still has his smell on it.”

Does she also have a shrine of Pitt that she prays to on a daily basis?

Anyway, Star goes on to note that Aniston is supposedly taking steps to cure her alleged infatuation with Pitt, quoting the spy as saying, “She’s gone back into one-on-one counseling — she really wants to dig the old skeletons out of her closet so she can be emotionally unburdened before she walks down the aisle with Justin.” Adds the source, “Jen realizes that it’s high time she let go of her unhealthy attachment to Brad.”

Actually, it’s high time that the tabloid let go of this dead and buried rumor. Aniston has long moved on from her marriage to Pitt. The fact that Star has not makes it embarrassingly clear that the magazine has no real material to report on this week. The tab’s previously false stories about Aniston turning Theroux into a “stuck-up snob” or the actress getting a “new face” were at least trying to be somewhat creative. Regardless, an Aniston insider dismissed the rag’s therapy tale as utterly “pathetic.”

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