Jennifer Aniston: Justin Theroux Hides In Closets To Scare Me! (VIDEO)

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Jennifer Aniston The Talk

By Daniel Gates


Jennifer Aniston The Talk


Jennifer Aniston appeared on Wednesday’s “The Talk,” where she discussed one of Justin Theroux’s lesser known interests. It turns out, the actor-writer-director likes to hide in closets late at night to scare Aniston.

She explains, “He makes me laugh constantly. He will do things… he will go for it. He loves to scare me. He hides in closets for 20 [minutes]!” Aniston said it had just happened the previous night. “He was shutting down the house and I probably got distracted cleaning up whatever… and I don’t come right away, and I get to the bedroom and he just comes flying out of a closet. I go, ‘Have you been waiting here for like 25 minutes?’ Really? For 25 minutes in the closet?”

Aniston says she calls Theroux her “creative crush” because he’s “just brilliant at everything he does. He’s a wonderful actor. He’s a brilliant comedy writer, and he’s also a beautiful artist… and a beautiful human being.”

She comments on the tabloids that constantly print false rumors about her personal life, “I don’t touch that crap.” Referring to how adjacent magazines on newsstands will often feature a crazy story about her being “left at the altar” next to one claiming she’s “pregnant,” Aniston asks, “Do they care that they look like idiots? Do they not consult each other?” Check out the video below, and tell us what you think! Note: Video no longer available.

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