Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper Rumors Get Recycled… Again

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(In Touch)

By Daniel Gates

(In Touch)

Jennifer Aniston has “fallen in love” with Bradley Cooper, claims In Touch, which has been trying (and failing) to convince readers of a romance between the two stars.

“Jen really has the hots for Bradley – she’s throwing herself into this relationship,” says a so-called “source” for the tab, later adding, “Jen sees a future with him.” Aniston allegedly spent Easter Weekend “constantly texting and emailing with Bradley, claims a “friend,” who describes the content as “increasingly steamy.” Oh, my! Scandalous!

Alas, the actress is only setting herself up for heartbreak, concludes In Touch. How so? While Aniston has gotten “so serious, so soon” with Cooper, the Hangover Part II actor is a “known fame-seeker” who cuts and runs from commitment. So the perpetually single Aniston will find herself heartsick once more when Cooper inevitably ends things.

Fascinating. Know what else is fascinating? How In Touch devotes its cover to analyzing a non-existent relationship. Aniston and Cooper are not a couple. The rumors about them hooking up are not true. They were never together. They are not together.

As a rep for Aniston has told us in the past, In Touch‘s persistent texting-and-flirting stories are “completely fabricated,” and speculation about the pair is just “regurgitating old rumors.”

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